Magic at your Private Function

When you want to make a day to remember at your next event, just one name should come to mind, Sam. It could be a birthday, a wedding, or simply something to impress your friends.

Watch Sam create an atmosphere of awe and delight as he passes from group to group, leaving your guests surprised, speechless… and maybe even leaving them with a souvenir to remember the day!

“Impossible is easy, what Sam does is something else” 

Astonishing close-up magic, table-top magic and sleight of hand skills are displayed by Sam with cockney charm and wit.  providing a fantastically unique alternative to the norm that is guaranteed to impress your guests. Be prepared to witness Sam as he performs the unexplainable.

He will make someone’s ring disappear and simultaneously, reappear impossibly tied to his shoelaces.  He will borrow a credit card an, as unbelievable as it sounds, he will make it dance in the volunteer’s hand and make it fly around his body.

Want magic at your private function? Contact Sam today!