Hiring a Magician FAQs

Hiring a Magician for your Wedding or Corporate Event – FAQ

Hiring a magician for your wedding or corporate event is a fantastic way to make your special day or event even more memorable for you and your guests, but there are a number of things to consider before you take the plunge and part with your hard earned cash.

If you’re looking to hire a magician for your event then you’ve probably got a few questions as to how it works, and where a magician fits into your plans.

I’ve tried to answer a few of the more common questions here… 

I can keep you and your guests entertained. This can be especially important and useful in order to break the ice at parties, to get people talking and to entertain them at their table.

Most of all I can provide you and your guests with an unusual and unforgettable experience which convinces your guests that you have thoughtfully catered for their needs by providing such a professional and well-rounded event.

My expertise is in close up magic, also known as table magic or mix and mingle magic. I can move between groups of guests as they stand, such as during a drinks reception, or can perform to groups of people sat around a table for a meal. I am completely flexible and work closely with all of my clients to ensure their exact requirements are met.

This varies depending on the number of guests that you have and other time constraints on your day. I am happy to discuss your plans with you and make recommendations to suit. A usual rule of thumb is 2 hours per 70 – 100 + guests.

I am available for hire across the whole of the UK, and indeed regularly travel the length and breadth of the country to perform at weddings, Corporate events & Private engagements. There have also been a resort in Turkey that hired me for two weeks. So I am very flexible. 

Yes, I am a member of Equity, and have £10million of Public Liability Insurance. Most venues insist on this nowadays.

A Bella wedding online survey showed that 78% of brides wish they’d made their wedding entertainment their highest priority, and nearly 100% said they wish they had spent more of their budget on their entertainment.

Hiring a close up magician is a truly unique way to entertain your guests, keeping them talking about YOUR special day for months and years to come! It’s a perfect way to help your guests relax, and, most of all, enjoy themselves!

The very nature of weddings also means that there is a lot of ‘down time’, where the bride and groom are busy having photos taken and the guests are in limbo between the pre reception drinks, the photos and wedding breakfast. This is an ideal time to hire a wedding magician to entertain your guests.

Whoever you hire for your wedding or event is going to be let loose amongst your guests, so you need to make sure that you make the right choice! You also need to be confident that whoever you hire will turn up, on time, and give a professional service befitting your big day. Ultimately whoever you book is representing YOU!

I pride myself on the level of service that I offer to all of my clients, 75% of my bookings are from previous clients and word of mouth, I aim to make your event as memorable as possible. From initial contact I work closely with the bride and groom or client to ensure they get EXACTLY what they want. I can offer a great deal of peace of mind that your guests are in great hands, enabling you to relax that little bit more on your big day.

If you’ve been searching the internet for a wedding or corporate magician you’ve probably already realised that there is a huge difference in the prices being quoted.

Like everything in life, it is very rare that the cheapest you can find is also the best, and you invariably do get what you pay for. But by the same token you can also pay over the odds and not feel like you received value for money. Hiring a magician to entertain your guests is no different.

For example be very wary if a magician is offering to entertain your wedding guests for 2-3 hours for £150. The chances are that this is a part time amateur magician who ‘knows a few tricks’, rather than a professional wedding/corporate magician who knows how to interact with your guests and leave them with a unique memory of your wedding day or company awards dinner. There is a HUGE difference between the two. You wouldn’t have ‘the bloke down the pub who does a mean Elvis impression’ as your wedding singer would you?!

The key is to ensure that you get the best possible entertainment, at a price that is within your budget. Pay too little and the chances are you’ll regret it; pay too much and you may be left feeling that you expected more for your money. Remember, it’s your special day or event and you only get one chance to get it right!

Every event that I quote is done so on its own merit and with over 16 years experience of the business, I pride myself in offering the best possible service at the most competitive prices and have hundreds of testimonials from satisfied clients who have hired me to entertain their guests.

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As soon as possible, especially if you are planning a summer wedding or Christmas event, and even more importantly if it is on a Saturday. 

The wedding season is only a few months long, and the weekends soon fill up as couples book their venues and confirm dates. The old adage of ‘book early to avoid disappointment’ has never been truer!

In the same respect of December, dates get booked up very quickly.